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Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

If anyone has every traveled you know that it can be hectic. You plan
well in advance, read up as much as you can and double and triple
check to make sure that you have packed everything you need. And when
the day finally comes to board your plane you are ready, actually more
than ready. You’ve  probably memorized your flight number and
everything! But as much as you’ve prepared, nothing’s ever guaranteed
and that’s what I learned on the night of my flight. Running bag in
hand to check- in only to find that your ticket has been canceled and
you have to reschedule your flight. After an already crazy week this
seemed like the breaking point and it didn’t make sense. But I guess
this is when faith steps in. When nothing is working out as planned
it’s easy to ask why and get angry at God for not coming through but
it was this event that made me realize that what I plan may not be
God’s will, and what his will is, is what I want my life to be guided
by.  I don’t know what God’s plan is for my life but I know it will
lead to somewhere beautiful.

London here I come!


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