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My Thoughts at Regent Park

Choosing a Side

The line between bitterness and forgiveness is very thin. And that between fear and love is even thinner. The choice may seem obvious but life struggles and hurts make bitterness and fear more logical choices. What must we remember in order to keep us from giving up? 

Hope. We must have hope for others but most importantly we must have hope and believe in ourselves. For I’ve learned if you are not confident in yourself and your choices you will always be lonely no matter how many people you are around. 

Who will I become?

Silent steps, gentle words, hardly making a sound. But when a life is examined what will they find? Loud actions, small impacts that make a difference, wisdom, love For herself and others. They will find a life well lived, Full of mistakes that have shaped her life

IMG_0318[1] IMG_0327[1] IMG_0337[1] IMG_0326[1] IMG_0321[1]


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