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Here is a poem that touched my heart, I hope it does the same for you:

Peace, one of the noblest of aspirations  a word that gives people hope and a brighter future  but it’s more than just a word  it’s more than just a diplomatic speech for people to hear and sing like Martin Luther King but peace is also a call for duty a call to fight for what’s right and never stand down but stand firm to have faith in what you believe in  

And never abandon peace

By Saibulu 

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The Strangest Secret

I can’t quite remember how I stumbled upon this lesson, but I thank God I did.Very seldom do things have the ability to change ones life but in this case it did.

I want to share with you a recording made in the 1950s by Earl Nightingale entitled “The Strangest Secret.”

The sum total of his message is essentially that we are who we believe ourselves to be and we will have only the life we choose to create for ourselves.

My take away is this: You are what you think……….so dream big and after that even bigger; until you become the ideal version of who you were always meant to be – doing what you were always meant to do.