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Personal Finance Journey

After graduating from college fairly recently and being thrown into the real world, I decided to do some adulting….

I started looking into personal finance and how to manage my finances better via budgeting, paying off debt and investing.

After reading various books and blogs I reached the following consensus:

  • I should work on paying off my debt (student loan debt, credit card debit, car note, etc.) and try not to incur any new debt
  • Build an emergency fund
  • Start financing my retirement fund and investing

It was that last point that changed everything….  RETIREMENT!!!

When I started reading up on retirement I was introduced to the magical world of compounding aka your money making money for you 😉

Compounding works best when given ample time, so the best time for recent graduates to invest the most into their retirement accounts or other investment accounts is NOW!!

  • Now is usually when your expenses are the least
  • Now is usually the time when you can easily adjust your life style to be able to put more money away into investments
  • Now is when you are the youngest you will ever be (you are giving your money more time to grow by investing now)

In my investigation of retirement and investing I started thinking about retirement….And I’m so glad I did! I realized that I didn’t want to work until I was 59 ½ and then retire!

59 ½ is a long ways away from 20 something and I don’t want to spend 39 or so years waiting to retire just working to pay my expenses. I want to spend the majority of my life doing work that I love, needless to say that work doesn’t pay much if anything at all….

So what’s a girl to do that wants to do what she loves before she is 59 ½ or even 55? Research! Lol

Yeah that’s right, I did some more digging and started researching early retirement.

I was very surprised and delighted at what I found and to give you a brief overview I have copied and pasted the financial journey I will be taking to retire early.

This was taken from

The simple path to wealth

It starts with nine basics.

  1. Avoid fiscally irresponsible people.  Never marry one or otherwise give him access to your money.
  2. Avoid money managers. It’s your money and no one will care for it better than you.
  3. Avoid debt.
  4. Save a portion of every dollar you get.
  5. The greater the percent of your income you save and invest, the sooner you’ll have F-You money.  Try 50%.  With no debt, this perfectly doable.
  6. Put this money in the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund(VTSAX)
  7. Realize the market and the value of your shares will sometimes drop dramatically.  People all around you will panic.  They’ll be screaming Sell, Sell, Sell.  Ignore this.  Even better:  Buy more shares.
  8. When you can live off the dividends VTSAX provides you are financially free.
  9. The less you need, the more free you are.

Jlcollinsnh goes more in depth on each of these steps so you can do your own research by clicking on the link 😉

I will be updating you on my journey as I progress!

I advise you to do your own research and tell me what you find…..